Understanding the Industrial Revolution 4.0

A new and unprecedented gale of creative destruction is about to sweep through the industry and change it in mostly unforeseeable ways.

In this blog entry, John Clamans discusses the question: “Are the socio-economic and environmental consequences of the fourth industrial revolution to be met with skepticism or embraced confidently?”. … More Understanding the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Developing an Everyday Eco-Consciousness

Today, I want to publish a blog entry about sustainable practices in everyday life. I’m afraid, many people disregard that “individual social responsibility” is just as constitutive of sustainable development as “corporate social responsibility” (aka another stale buzzword). The latter, CSR, is rightly in the center of the debate of sustainable development, but the former should not be disregarded. … More Developing an Everyday Eco-Consciousness

Reflection about Change and Brief Self-Introduction

I want to welcome you most sincerely to the very first entry of my very first blog!

Please, allow me to introduce myself. No worries, unlike the Rolling Stones’ devil, I’m not claiming to be a man of wealth and taste. I’m just an unextraordinary person who is trying to make sense of the absurdities of life, like you and probably everyone else. … More Reflection about Change and Brief Self-Introduction