Understanding the Industrial Revolution 4.0

A new and unprecedented gale of creative destruction is about to sweep through the industry and change it in mostly unforeseeable ways.

In this blog entry, John Clamans discusses the question: “Are the socio-economic and environmental consequences of the fourth industrial revolution to be met with skepticism or embraced confidently?”. … More Understanding the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Should Batman just Kill the Joker?

Hello again!

Today, I rambled with my nephew about the city, and then we went to a local play yard. As I thoughtlessly watched my nephew jumping around on the monkey bars, an unexpected thought came to my mind: why doesn’t Batman just kill the Joker? … More Should Batman just Kill the Joker?

Why Conquering your Angst is Key

I welcome you warmly to my second blog entry.

Two days ago, I blogged about change and a reader suggested that I should write another article on this topic; I thought this was a great idea! What I didn’t initially know was that: the more I think about change and ways to deal with it the more complex and diffuse my thoughts would become; it quickly turned into a very existential questioning process. Now I’m reconstructing my thoughts and bringing it all together. The result might serve as an approach of self-discovery. … More Why Conquering your Angst is Key