Some Beautiful Impressions from the Ruhr

Hi everybody. When I went to the Ruhr, NRW, with my nephew, we wandered along the riverside for a good while. In addition to that, we took some pictures. Enjoy! … More Some Beautiful Impressions from the Ruhr


A Throwback To Medieval Times

Today, I wanted some knight and dark age feeling so I went hiking to a magnificent water castle and a fortress both in Hattingen, NRW. The water castle and the fortress lie fairly close together, around 2-3 km distance, but I took the slightly longer trail, because of its great outlook: rougly 5-6 km. So all in all it was a nice postprandial hike through the woods. The weather and view was fantastic, but, please, lean back and see for yourself. Enjoy. … More A Throwback To Medieval Times