A Throwback To Medieval Times

Today, I wanted some knight and dark age feeling so I went hiking to a magnificent water castle and a fortress both in Hattingen, NRW. The water castle and the fortress lie fairly close together, around 2-3 km distance, but I took the slightly longer trail, because of its great outlook: rougly 5-6 km. So all in all it was a nice postprandial hike through the woods. The weather and view was fantastic, but, please, lean back and see for yourself. Enjoy. … More A Throwback To Medieval Times

Guy Gets On The Subway And Dies…

…think anybody will notice?

I’m not so sure about this one, but I will try to figure it out in this entry. Some nights ago I did something I rarely do; I switched on my already-dusty TV. As I adapted to the blinding flash, it did not even take two seconds for me to realize which movie was about to start: Collateral. I know that I am about 11 years late with writing a review on this movie, so I will leave that out. Instead, I want to discuss it on a quite personal level and show you my favorite scene and reflect on a thought-provoking scrap of conversation… … More Guy Gets On The Subway And Dies…

Meeting ‘Kaiser Friedrich lll’ In The Woods

Today, I went backpacking deep in the woods of Haspe, North Rhine-Westphalia. I took the “Three-Tower-Path”, because I wanted to visit and ascend the “Kaiser-Friedrich-Tower” in order to enjoy the magnificent broad view over the woodland and nearby towns. I loved it and the weather was great. I invite you to see it for yourself! … More Meeting ‘Kaiser Friedrich lll’ In The Woods

Why Conquering your Angst is Key

I welcome you warmly to my second blog entry.

Two days ago, I blogged about change and a reader suggested that I should write another article on this topic; I thought this was a great idea! What I didn’t initially know was that: the more I think about change and ways to deal with it the more complex and diffuse my thoughts would become; it quickly turned into a very existential questioning process. Now I’m reconstructing my thoughts and bringing it all together. The result might serve as an approach of self-discovery. … More Why Conquering your Angst is Key

Reflection about Change and Brief Self-Introduction

I want to welcome you most sincerely to the very first entry of my very first blog!

Please, allow me to introduce myself. No worries, unlike the Rolling Stones’ devil, I’m not claiming to be a man of wealth and taste. I’m just an unextraordinary person who is trying to make sense of the absurdities of life, like you and probably everyone else. … More Reflection about Change and Brief Self-Introduction