Understanding the Industrial Revolution 4.0

A new and unprecedented gale of creative destruction is about to sweep through the industry and change it in mostly unforeseeable ways.

In this blog entry, John Clamans discusses the question: “Are the socio-economic and environmental consequences of the fourth industrial revolution to be met with skepticism or embraced confidently?”. … More Understanding the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Visiting Castle Ruins and Kaiser Wilhelm

I took my cam and went to the “Vincketurm” tower,, a WW1 war memorial, and nearby ruins of the castle “Hohensyburg” in Dortmund-Syburg, NRW. I also visited a magnificent memorial to “Kaiser Wilhelm” which is located close by. … More Visiting Castle Ruins and Kaiser Wilhelm

Meeting New Friends and Chancellor Bismarck

Today, I spent the afternoon with my nephew in Bochum’s city park. At first, that might not sound very exciting, but we got to meet some super cool residents of said park. We took some photos of our new friends and also local places of interest and art, such as the “Bismarckturm”, celebrity frog “Fridolin”, “Jungmädchenbrunnen” and a massive fire bowl – rivaling the Olympian one. … More Meeting New Friends and Chancellor Bismarck

A Throwback To Medieval Times

Today, I wanted some knight and dark age feeling so I went hiking to a magnificent water castle and a fortress both in Hattingen, NRW. The water castle and the fortress lie fairly close together, around 2-3 km distance, but I took the slightly longer trail, because of its great outlook: rougly 5-6 km. So all in all it was a nice postprandial hike through the woods. The weather and view was fantastic, but, please, lean back and see for yourself. Enjoy. … More A Throwback To Medieval Times

Meeting ‘Kaiser Friedrich lll’ In The Woods

Today, I went backpacking deep in the woods of Haspe, North Rhine-Westphalia. I took the “Three-Tower-Path”, because I wanted to visit and ascend the “Kaiser-Friedrich-Tower” in order to enjoy the magnificent broad view over the woodland and nearby towns. I loved it and the weather was great. I invite you to see it for yourself! … More Meeting ‘Kaiser Friedrich lll’ In The Woods