Hello, my name is John; I’m a 24 year old student from Germany; I’m studying sustainability sciences and business administration and I love it; I enjoy travelling and have a passion for photography; I believe in the necessity of challenging the status quo.

I’m blogging about different topics such as strategy, business development, marketing, sustainability, photography, change, philosophy, books and…


Wanna get in touch? My pleasure, just click here for contact details. I’m looking forward to interacting with you!

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  1. That’s what I thought. This is the wave of the future. There is no such thing as clean coal. Coal has to go. I understand that nuke plant in Fukishima, Japan is still spewing radiation at alarming rate .

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  2. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you enjoy the wide variety of music covered and find the writing entertaining. I usually post on a weekly basis. I welcome comments. Regards and good luck with all your projects. Thom

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  3. Hey John! Very interesting way of introducing yourself. Sustainability is a topic close to my heart, which is why I find your taking it up in the form of a degree very heartening.
    I believe youngsters like you can help make the world a better place or, at the very least help not make it worse.
    Thanks for passing by my blog – I hope this is the beginning of a longer association. Cheers!

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    1. Hi! Thank you very much for the input. I appreciate it when people have a sense of sustainability that goes beyond the common greenwashing. Hopefully we can reach and sensibilize as many people as possible. I’m really looking forwad to interacting with you. Best regards! 🙂

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  4. Thanks for connecting John 🙂 Nice posts here. Loved the recent one about the water fort …esp because I keep travelling and filming ruins (most of which are forts and fortresses as well) . Looking forward to your posts ahead. Blessings and best wishes ! Danke! 🙂

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    1. Hi there! Thank you, too. I appreciate your joy. I’m also looking forward to interacting with you. I really like the atmosphere of fortresses, so I’m looking forward to yours as well. Best Regards

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  5. Hi John, –

    Welcome to my blog and – thanks for subscribing to it!
    Now there are close to 4500 ‘full screen photos form Norway and Norwegian nature. New pictures are posted regularly! Please enjoy!

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  6. Einen sehr schönen Blog hast du hier. Ich wünsche dir noch weiterhin viel Erfolg und freue mich auf ganz viele Posts und Bilder von dir. LG Nathalie

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  7. Gruss dich und danke für den (die? das?) follow. (Das galoppierende englischisieren verwirrt mich.) Schaue dir techexlab.org an, meine bude. become a member! Es wird dir zusprechen.

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  8. Hi John! Was funny to bump into your Batty’s dilemma and trolley problem. We discussed them with some friends not so long ago 🙂 plus I live in Germany too. But please, do not reply to me (if you reply at all) in German… My German still sucks.
    I am new in the blogging world too, let’s see how it goes. You are doing well 😉

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      1. I do like it a lot, except for the rain… :/
        Yup, I am doing a PhD here.
        Looking forward for further interactions too. So just in case, I will just follow you 😉
        Have a nice Sunday!

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      2. really? thanks for telling me. Dunno what the problem was but I did something on my profile… if you can try again when you have a sec and tell me if it works now
        would be much appreciated 🙂
        have a nice one!

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  9. Hallo John, danke dafür, dass du meinen Blog abonniert hast (Gazellenpfad). Genau wie Sigrid frage ich mich, was dich wohl zu mir verschlagen hat. Aber die Wege im Netz sind teilweise doch sehr verschlungen. Und neue Kontakte kommen manchmal auf überraschende Weise zustande. Ich schaue gerne wieder bei dir rein.

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