Visiting the Kaisergarten in Oberhausen

Earlier this month, I went to the Kaisergarten in Oberhausen, Germany. I almost forgot I took some pictures. The Kaisergarten is supposed to be a memorial to “Kaiser Wilhelm l.” and got its name in celebration of Wilhelm’s 100. anniversary in 1898. The park itself is much older though.There’s also a free-to-visit animal enclosure located in this city park. However, I don’t want to distribute photos of these animals, except for the beautiful free-running peacock, because I really dislike cage housing of animals. Don’t get me wrong, the animals of this park could be much worse off, compared to regular zoos, but the keeping of these animals isn’t as good and species-appropriate as promised on their website. However, enjoy the scenery and that awesome peacock.

kaisergarten oberhausen 10This is the Rhine-Herne Canal; it flows past the Kaisergarten; there are some huge ships on it. Cool!kaisergarten oberhausen 10Well… what a…yeah… cute crown. Is that really a symbol for a Kaiser? kaisergarten oberhausen 10This pond is nice and the spot was totally cozy; I really like the spout.kaisergarten oberhausen 10Another perspective. I could instantly fall asleep thzzZzzzZzzZzz.kaisergarten oberhausen 10ย  I really enjoy the various shades of green, not grey, in this picture.kaisergarten oberhausen 10Nice symmetry. Nuff said.

kaisergarten oberhausen 10There are also some nice flowers there.kaisergarten oberhausen 10The weather was really good, it was also quite warm. So this tree’s shelter was quite convenient for a quick picnic break.kaisergarten oberhausen peacock pfau 10This cool guy was quite bold and followed us a bit. The coloring of its plumage is fantastic and a sight for sore eyes.

I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Take care.

24 thoughts on “Visiting the Kaisergarten in Oberhausen

  1. Hi John,
    welcome as a new follower on my blog. To find out what kind of blogger you are (:-)) I found my way here and: surprise! your pictures of Oberhausen Kaisergarten. I’ve been working in Oberhausen almost half of my life, and often passed my break in that nice little park. Beautiful pictures you took there and give me back some summer and break feeling. Thank you.

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    1. Hi Ule, thank you very much for the kind feedback. I’m glad you liked the pictures and it’s great they remind you of those relaxed and comfortable hours you spent there. It’s a really nice place there! ๐Ÿ™‚

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