Wonderful Lake-Side Sites Near Ardey Hills

Hi again. This time, I went to the lake “Harkortsee” in Wetter, NRW, attached to the Ardey Hills. It’s a nice and quite natural place which I often visited as a kid. I hadn’t been there once in over 10 years, so it was kind of weird at first, as those familiar impressions triggered many unexpected memories.

This photo gallery features the Harkortsee, the nearby woodland, castleBurg Wetter” and some beautiful swans which this lake is quite popular for. Enjoy.

harkort see wetter burg schiffThe weather was kind of like a mixed bag in Wetter today. When we arrived though; so did the sun. Awesome.


Enjoy another perspective across the lake.


As we promenaded around the lake, we found a nice cozy place to have a picnic. In the background you can see the infamous ship that I used to travel with as a kid often. Let’s zoom in…

harkortsee wetter burg schiff

I always loved those boat trips… despite my strong tendency towards sea-sickness. 🙂

5Well, those seagulls definitely found an awesome place to chill out.

6You see, I like birds. What a cute little family. I like the zebra look.


Let’s go upstairs, the castle is waiting for us.


Oh no, the gate to the backyard is closed. Let’s take a closer look though.


Apparently, this gate hasn’t been open in a while… Seems quite desolate.


Had there been an official Knight Basketball League? What do you think? Leave it in the comments.


Now, that’s a well-preserved castle keep. I like it. “Burg Wetter” was built between 1250 and 1274 by the County of Mark as an advanced post against the Electorate of Cologne‘s castle “Burg Volmarstein“. Think they also had competing basketball teams?


This attached archaic house looks great. Feels like Middle Ages.


There is also a for-my-taste-slightly-too-modern church located at the castle area. By the way, there are some floodlights attached to the ground. I’d like to see it when it’s spotlighted at night!


Another perspective. It looks awesome nonetheless.


I also spotted this building connected to the castle’s wall. I love how it’s completely covered in ivy. Let’s go back to the lake, we haven’t seen the swans yet.


Oh look, right five at one sweep. Let’s follow them.


This elegant specimen seems to be the chief of the family. Now let’s take a final look at the whole crew…


A sight for sore eyes. Great. Now let’s pay particular attention to a very talented member of this gang.

19…they also happen to have an acrobat!

I hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did.

Take care.

5 thoughts on “Wonderful Lake-Side Sites Near Ardey Hills

  1. Nice. Lots of lovely photos! You’re not the only one who gets seasick. I love the shot of the stairs. And the photo of the big swan has beautiful iridescent water. Basketball must be an ancient sport 🙂

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