A Big Shout-Out Of Gratitude

Hi. Wow. I’m overwhelmed. For real.

Today, I just want to bow my thanks to you people. It has not even been a month since I started writing on here. Exactly 3 weeks ago, I introduced myself; I couldn’t have imagined that I would reach so many people and come across so much constructive and useful feedback, opinions and ideas.

During my first days on here, I was not so sure whether I would reach anyone at all. There was hardly any traffic, let alone any followers. However, I thought to myself: why should anyone visit your blog anyway, if there’s almost nothing to see here? So instead of caving in to the initial disillusion, I boldly decided to keep writing and add value to my blog. As I published further blog entries, it eventually happened.

While the entry on conquering fear didn’t attract so many people at first, things kind of changed when I posted my discussion on the question whether or not Batman should kill the Joker. The traffic didn’t skyrocket by any means, but things got at least better and more promising. For the first time, I recorded over 30 visits during the course of a single day. I was also awarded with my first followers. Awesome.

The essay on the ties between Man and Mother Nature also seemed to attract quite a few visitors. Meanwhile my first – almost 3k word long – post on fears suddenly became more popular. I was kind of surprised, but in a positive way. However, when I began adding photos from my backpacking trips, the hits kind of skyrocketed; suddenly I had between 100 and 200 hits per day. I did not foresee this in any way. In addition to that, the essays on the movie Collateral and problems in modern communication faced some valuable feedback, too.

These results together with your reactions are also reassuring in a way, as they confirm that there are, in fact, many smart people out there who are genuinely aware of the importance of the integrity of our ecosystems and also interested in the discussion of sustainability and related topics; there appears to be an appreciation for nature photography as well. The presence of this ecological sensibility makes me happy and believe that the endeavor to reach and connect as many people as possible in order to discuss these unspeakably important issues – together – will come to fruition some day. I believe all of us will benefit from this dialog.

All in all, I’m just really glad and grateful that you guys are so great. I will stick by my decision to keep sharing insights from my journey with you, hoping for the emergence of a nice communal relationship and exchange that is coined by both mutuality and constructiveness; I’m sure I can learn even more from you than you can learn from me. I’d like to invite you to keep accompanying me on my pilgrimage. With these words, I’d like to bring this entry to a close:

Long story made short:


Take care.

30 thoughts on “A Big Shout-Out Of Gratitude

  1. I used to write a blog that required research for writing posts.Now I’m a bit lazy about writing, but when I find time, I like to look around the blogosphere. I like the topics that interest you. Last year, I took a class in Human Ecology, which focused on man’s impact on our ecosystems. It was a real eye-opener! I have also written a poem about pesticides in our food (I live in the U.S.), but it is not currently posted on my blog.


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      1. I’m starting to feel motivated to write again. Changing the theme is like rearranging furniture. It makes me feel better to have a new environment to work in.

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  2. you’re doing really well John! don’t get discouraged if the visits drop off occasionally… I can’t find any rhyme or reason as to why some posts are really popular and others hardly get read at all. Adding photos I know increases traffic but I don’t do that on my site as it slows the upload time down… All the best – keep writing!

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  3. Hey, John. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve nominated you for a blogging award. Below is a link to the nomination on my blog, as well as my blurb on what you write:


    “This thoughtful armchair philosopher takes on everything from whether Batman should kill Joker to how we can work towards a healthier planet. In the collision of modernity and sustainability, I see hope for humanity, as well as nature.”

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