Meeting New Friends and Chancellor Bismarck

Hi everybody! Today, I spent the afternoon with my nephew in Bochum’s city park. At first, that might not sound very exciting, but we got to meet some awesone residents of said park. We took some photos of our new friends and local places of interest and art, such as the “Bismarckturm“, celebrity frogFridolin“, “Jungmädchenbrunnen” and a massive fire bowl – rivaling the Olympian one. Let’s begin with this awesome duck.

stadtpark bochum ente

There is something like grace in this photogenic duck’s face, I swear.

stadtpark bochum viele enten

That guy actually has got many friends… Welcome to Duckburg!

stadtpark bochum lauschiges plätzchen

Now, that’s a cozy and peaceful place to relax!

stadtpark bochum fürsorgliche vogeleltern

We became witnesses of some good parenting! Some people could learn a thing or two from them.

stadtpark bochum entenfamilie

Oh look, a duck family paid us a visit. Huey… Dewey… Louie…

stadtpark bochum entenküken

That little duckling decided to stay with us for a while. Of course, we did not touch it, because we do not want it to be abandoned by its mother!

stadtpark bochum bismarckturm ferne

Let’s approach the glorious Bismarck Tower together.

stadtpark bochum bismarckturm

Looks great from this perspective, doesn’t it?

stadtpark bochum bismarckturm frontal

This is the front view. Too bad it’s closed. I bet the outlook is great!

stadtpark bochum bismarckturm schriftzug

Zooming in. The Bismarck tower was dedicated in 1910 in remembrance of “Otto von Bismarck“. Bismarck was born in 1815 and died in 1898; he was a German politician and the first Imperial Chancellor of the German Empire, between 1871 and 1890.

stadtpark bochum bismarckturm feuerschale

Look at this magnificent fire bowl. It’s located next to the tower. Imagine, until 1998, this fire bowl was on top of the tower! Until then it was fired on Bismarck’s anniversary, the first of April. This is not an April fool!

stadtpark bochum bismarckturm reiher

That heron is flying around, kingly!

stadtpark bochum hase

He seems quite bewildered. Is he maybe looking for his mates?

stadtpark bochum viele hasen

Well, we eventually found his buddies. All of them. Countless rabbits having a party!

stadtpark bochum libelle makro

Wow, what a majestic dragon fly. The gradual transition of blue coloring is beautiful. Good thing, it didn’t flee!

stadtpark bochum jungmädchenbrunnen

That’s an artistic well. I really like it. I’m not so sure whether it’s SFW though!

stadtpark bochum jungmädchenbrunnen nah

Take a closer look. The fishs are fun. This piece of art is called the “Jungmädchenbrunnen” or alternatively “Fortunabrunnen“; it’s located in the park’s rose garden. The artists’ names are Wilhelm Gerstel (1879-1963) and Eugen Schmohl (1880-1926); it was made in 1926; the figure is bronze.

stadtpark bochum gänse

These are some cool geese. I like their reddish eye area. The heartlike shape of these two is also…well…romantic!?

stadtpark bochum frosch fridolin

Yeah, this is “Fridolin“. Awesome. ‘Nuff said.

stadtpark bochum eichhörnchen

Finally, we even got to know this curious dude. We were very lucky to get a snapshot of this otherwise so shy squirrel. I really like its puce coat.

I hope you enjoyed the trip to our hometown Bochum, Germany.

Take care.

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