A Throwback To Medieval Times

Hi there! Today, I wanted some knight and dark age feeling so I went hiking to a magnificent water castle and a fortress, both in Hattingen, NRW. These fortifications lie fairly close together, just a few kilometers apart. So all in all, it was a nice postprandial hike through the woods. The weather and view were fantastic, but please, lean back and see for yourself. Enjoy.

I started with the water castle “Wasserschloss Kemnade“. I approached it from the sunlit side.


…and walked around it. Enjoy the other side.


I really like that castle, but due to this hot summer there’s so little water in the moat!


I noticed some old-fashioned half-timber house and some “artsy” trunk on the other side of the castle. It looks nice.


There’s also the burying place of noble “Anna Elisabeth Helmich“.


I noticed there’s way more water left on this side of the castle. Looks like a lively swamp.


Now, take a look at the full glory of the water castle…


Looks great, doesn’t it? However, I was slightly disappointed by the interior courtyard of the castle.


Frankly speaking, it’s too modernized for my tastes, so I made a quick getaway. Then I hiked to said fortress, “Burg Blankenstein“, right through the woodlands.


This view gets my heart going. On my way to the fortress!


Some storm, maybe that very violent one from 2014, “Ela”, ripped this poor guy apparantly out.


Some does chilling in the sun, next to the fortress.


Awesome, I finally reached it. By the way, “Burg Blankenstein” was built in the 13th century, in 1226 to be exact.


Have a look at the entrance. However, we’re not here for the restaurant…


…but rather for this cool donjon! Let’s get inside and climb it in oder to enjoy the great outlook. But first…


…we gotta take the stairs! There’s no elevator to the good things in life. However, you won’t regret walking the extra mile, trust me. Enjoy the view.


This is the “Ruhr”, one of Germany’s big rivers. Look at this awesome bifurcation of the river in the middle. What a nice little island there.


Zooming into one of the nearby towns. What a nice rural and peaceful atmosphere.


Looking in another direction you can see lots of green areas. Fantastic.


And even more trees from this perspective. Great. Upon leaving the fortress I noticed something… wait..what could this be!?


It’s a bird.. it’s a plane.. it’s Superman.. Well, it’s…


…just a good old double decker plane. Still awesome.

I really hope you enjoyed the trip as well.

Take care.

19 thoughts on “A Throwback To Medieval Times

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I’m glad you liked it. If you get to travel through central Europe, check out Bavaria in Germany. There are unbelievably marvelous castles like “Neuschwanenstein”. You will feel like in a fable.

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  1. God! What a gorgeous outing and your pix are fab! Really enjoyed this trip! Popped over to thank you for the follow (very happy you found my humble blog!) but got sucked right into this post! Off now to have another look around and see what else you’ve been up to!

    Liked by 1 person

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