Meeting ‘Kaiser Friedrich lll’ In The Woods

Hi there!

Today, I went backpacking deep in the woods of Haspe, North Rhine-Westphalia. I took the “Three-Tower-Path“, because I wanted to visit and ascend the “Kaiser-Friedrich-Tower” in order to enjoy the magnificent broad view over the woodland and nearby towns. I loved it and the weather was great. I invite you to see it for yourself!

I took this picture from the sunlit side of the tower.


How formidable. Now let’s find the entrance!


Dark and mysterious, isn’t it? Now, allow me to introduce…


Kaiser Friedrich lll. He was born in 1831 and died in 1888 both in Potsdam, Germany; he was a German Emperor and King from the House of Hohenzollern. The tower was built as a memento to him between 1891-1910 in Haspe, NRW. Let’s go inside!


Woah, so many stairs till the top of the tower! However, the outlook is definitely worth it! Enjoy the North view:


Let’s zoom into one of the towns.


Looks like Playmobil! Let’s head to the East side view.


Looks awesome, doesn’t it? Heading to the South…


This is my personal idea of freedom. Great. One direction left…not the band…


Wait a second… looking down the tower I spotted a pub garden. After hiking for almost 3 hours, I think it’s time for…


…some good old German beer and Schnitzel! Fresh air makes you hungry!

To wrap this entry up, enjoy this snapshot of the hiking path I took.


Freedom. ‘Nuff said.

Take care.


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