Reflection about Change and Brief Self-Introduction

I want to welcome you most sincerely to the very first entry of my very first blog!

Please, allow me to introduce myself. No worries, unlike the Rolling Stones‘ devil, I’m not claiming to be a man of wealth and taste. I’m just an unextraordinary person who is trying to make sense of the absurdities of life, like you and probably everyone else.

If you came here, because the “tags” led you to the assumption that I might be a smart or wise man of letters that knows answers to questions that cause you quite a headache, I’m afraid to disappoint you; I know that I know nothing; I also don’t know anyone who knows the answer; however, what I know is that I’ll try my best to figure things out, and with this promise I’m inviting YOU to join me bringing light into the darkness.

Please, feel free to leave your honest opinion in the comment section, or drop a direct message – with feedback, suggestions for new topics to write about or whatever you want to talk about – on any social network; you can find my contact details here. I’m really looking forward to reading and answering your messages. I believe that we can do this together.

By the way, my name’s John; I’m a 23 year old student from Germany. I’m majoring in sustainability (buzzword alert!) sciences and always looking for new ways to improve our ecological footprint (ugh, another buzzword!) and safeguard a fair and sustainable development (buzzword hat-trick!) both inter- and intragenerationally. As you can see, I do have modest problems with buzzwords; I think I’ll write an extra essay on this issue!

If you’re asking yourself now: ‘Why the hell is this guy writing in poor English instead of his native tongue, given he’s German!?’. Frankly, I asked myself this question plenty of times, but eventually I came to the conclusion that I desire to reach as many different people, opinions, beliefs, values and cultures as possible from all around the world in order to discuss topics that affect and unite all of us in many ways.

Today, I want to start with the topic change and reflect about it. Change is a topic that really keeps me pondering a lot. It’s literally the core element of sustainability sciences and development. There’s even a profession called “change agent”. Yes, there are people who get paid for evaluating and inducing change. In fact, my fellow students and I belong to these guys. The cat is out of the bag; I’m a change agent. No, I don’t run around with a black suit, shades and a neuralyzer; at least not always! If you follow my entries, you might get a clearer picture of what a change agent has to deal with.

Now let’s dig a little deeper into the subject of change with the title of a song by the rock band Led Zeppelin: ‘The Song Remains The Same‘. The message of this song is so simple, yet so nagging and thought-provoking: everything keeps changing relentlessly, always and everywhere, except for the song itself; it remains the same. I think there’s a fundamental truth to this thesis.

I can only speak for myself, but throughout the course of my life I have faced change, a lot of change; it has occured in countless forms and in just as many different ways. I am not only talking about big changes, such as a new job or flat, but rather about all of those small things that tend to go unnoticed in our short-living everyday life.

If we agree on the definition that change means that something becomes different, in some way, you could say that every little action, even a single breath which infinitesimally alters your physiology, means change. Therefore change is more than just the description of big, game-changing events, but rather a very complex and philosophical topic.

From my perspective, change is probably the most constitutive natural necessity. Absolutely everything – from the expansion of the universe to smallish grass stalks softly waving in the wind to infinitesimal particles attracting each other – continuously undergoes change. Change goes hand in hand with time and causality.

Just to get a glimpse of the actual complexity and diversity of change: there are hundreds of thousands of words in the English or German language; roughly one out of three or four or five – I really don’t know! – words is a verb. So there are tens or even hundreds of thousands of different verbs standing for just as many different kinds of processes with each of them causing change in a certain way.

Isn’t that mind-blowing?

As I said before, this is not supposed to be a one-man show; please share your views with everyone. What do you think about change and how do you feel about the constant need of adapting to it? Do you tend to reject or embrace it? What do you think about the following quote in this context?

‘Chance favors the prepared mind.’ -Louis Pasteur

Take care, friendos!

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