Understanding the Industrial Revolution 4.0

A new and unprecedented gale of creative destruction is about to sweep through the industry and change it in mostly unforeseeable ways.

In this blog entry, John Clamans discusses the question: “Are the socio-economic and environmental consequences of the fourth industrial revolution to be met with skepticism or embraced confidently?”. … More Understanding the Industrial Revolution 4.0

On the Trail of Giant Tippulus

Today, I ascended the “Tippelsberg”, a hill in my hometown Bochum, Germany. On its summit, you can overlook almost the whole Ruhr area, even though the mountain is only 150 meters above sea level and approximately 50 meters above the surrounding area. The weather was awesome, but also quite windy. The air was fresh and lively. I often go there to learn, read or relax. I enjoy the Tippelsberg’s naturalness. … More On the Trail of Giant Tippulus